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Cancellation Policy

We want to assist as many people as we can, so please cancel your appointment if you cannot make it. We understand that lives are busy and stressful, and we are more than happy to work with you to find a time to meet with Andre which is convenient for everyone. Please also remember that we have a large number of early morning and late evening appointments available if you do not think you would be able to attend an appointment during traditional working hours, and with the development of telemental health capabilities, you can attend an appointment from your own home or office.

1) Cancellation

To cancel your appointment, please call +61 414 151 810 or e-mail [email protected] before 9am on the day of your appointment. For international appointments, please e-mail [email protected] at least 5 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

2) Changing the medium of your appointment

If your appointment was scheduled to be a face-to-face consultation and you would like to change it to be through an online medium, please contact Andre on +61 414 151 810 or e-mail [email protected] as soon as it becomes evident that you cannot attend in person. Although we will do everything we can to facilitate the change in your appointment, due to factors beyond our control we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

3) Failure to Attend

In most instances, people who miss their appointments do so as a result of an honest mistake. If you fail to attend your appointment we will contact you and offer another appointment time.

If you miss your scheduled appointment and the reason for your non-attendance is not due to illness or another such emergency, it will be recorded as a “fail to show”.

4) Repeated failures to show

After two recorded “fail to show” notations on your file, we may charge you a missed-appointment fee of $30.00.

After three recorded “fail to show” notations, we may withhold services from you for a period or we may request that a non-refundable consultation fee of $80.00 be paid prior to your appointment. After your appointment this payment will be credited towards your account.

5) Cancellations for emergency reasons are excluded from this policy

We understand that things happen which turn your day upside down. We will not record your failure to attend an appointment as a “fail to show” if the reason for your non-attendance is reasonable and beyond your control.

Emergency reasons include accidents / unavoidable priority situations and sudden sickness of self or immediate family members.

6) Where we need to re-schedule your appointment

In the unfortunate event that Andre needs to reschedule an appointment with you, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest possible opportunity. We understand that your time is valuable and we will only reschedule appointments when there is no other alternative. Where possible, we will offer a telemental health appointment in place of a face-to-face consultation. Any pre-paid consultation fee will be held as a credit on your account until the consultation can occur.