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What does the Travelling Shrink mean?

Well a shrink is a term normally given to a psychotherapist. And one that travels is a travelling shrink.

Is the online counselling that you provide like telehealth?

Yes. It is exactly like telehealth.

So what is telehealth?

Telehealth is bio-psychosocial care provided via teleconference. That is a digital consult over great distances normally due to the inaccessibility of the care giver.

Is telehealth as effective as a face to face consult?

It can be just as effective granted that there is a really good medium supported by good technology.

Free 20 minute consultation

Andre will endeavor to work with you to create a program to meet your needs. A free 20 minute consultation is available for first time clients.

Working together

The Traveling Shrink will endeavor to work with you to create a counselling program that meets your needs.

Bulk Billing available

The Traveling Shrink offers Bulk Billing options via Medicare. Conditions apply.

Pay direct online with PayPal

Pay your booking fee directly, online, with PayPal.